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Potter’s Place School, a private institution, will offer basic education that will provide students a window to the world and enable them to to become responsive and productive members of the global community.


a. basic skills and knowledge
b. physical wellness
c. creativeness
d. ability to think and reason
e. character

  1. To promote children’s growth in:

  2. To provide appropriate and adequate school facilities.

  3. To create opportunities for professional and personal development of staff.

  4. To encourage parents to become active members of Potter’s Place School in their children’s education.

  5. To participate in environmental conservation whenever appropriate.


  • God-fearing

  • Pursues excellence

  • Scientific

  • Creative and innovative

  • Disciplined

  • Takes initiative

  • Nationalistic

  • Cares for the family

  • Sensitive to others

  • With concern for the environment

School Values: Event
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